Unlimited Skins - Professional Document Translation
Certified Document Translation Services. CLI provides professional translation services in virtually any written language. CLI's translations services are secure, timely, accurate, competitively priced, and customized to fit all your business needs.
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Unlimited Skins

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[title type=”h4″ font_size=”default” letter_spacing=”” font_weight=”” align=”left” font_family=”” color=”” bottom_indent=”20″ sc_id=”sc1370510382279″]Unlimited Skins[/title]

Goodnex presents backend color pickers to change any element color. The theme includes 16 default color skins plus millions other color variations up to you. Moreover, one more gimmick named Skin Composer is created, which allows to edit already existed color skins, add new based on ready ones and create your own. The point is that each skin you modifed can be saved and in case you need to get back to one from previously created just pick it to use.